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Pole dancing is no doubt the hottest and most fun workout and hobby to do these days. With the number of women and men taking pole dancing lessons over the past few years, pole dance businesses such as dance studios and stripper pole shopping sites are on the rise, too.

Many pole dance beginners say the reason they wanted to do it is that they want to feel more confident about their bodies. Others want to improve their stamina or try new and exciting workouts. Whatever the reasons are, pole dancing indeed offers so many benefits to our bodies.

Here are just three major changes that can happen to yours once you start dancing on that pole:

Your Posture Improves

Pole dancing is a back-strengthening exercise that provides much more freedom, playfulness, and fun while we are doing it. Most of the moves in pole dancing require us to lift our body weight. It also involves a lot of hanging and back-twisting around the pole. Such moves will make us flexible and have a sturdy upper body the more we practice.

If you suffer from chronic back pain or poor posture and you want to try out a more exciting workout, pole dancing will be perfect. 

Your Legs Can Choke The Life Out of Your Enemies

We are kidding, somewhat. If you have seen videos of, or strippers working the poles, you will see that their movements include a lot of climbing and spinning, most especially staying in the air with only their thighs and legs used for gripping the pole. We are sure you have also noticed how perfectly sculpted and muscular their legs are, right?

Aside from the spine, pole dancing improves the condition of all the limbs of our body. 

Pole dancing is considered a hard, full-body workout as there are so many muscles engaged in moving around. This makes it effective if you want to lose weight, too. 

Your Confidence Will Be Off The Charts 

Many women and men have attested to the improvement not just of their physique but of their mental health once they started pole dancing. Instead of focusing on how much weight they need to lose or how much belly fat they have, they start to witness how their bodies have become stronger and they feel proud of that. It is empowering.

In addition, they have made lots of friends in their dance classes and are accepted in a community no matter their shape or size. Overall confidence is improved. You will discover a whole new level of respect for your body and that is what matters.

Now, pole dancing is still commonly associated with the nightlife, as in strip clubs, bars, and more, and there is nothing wrong with that. You can appreciate the athletic side of pole dancing and relish its wild, sexier side at the same time.

If you are out and about with your closest female friends, the ones you have met in your pole dancing classes, or let’s say you have a bachelorette party going on, and you want some spice added to it, by all means, please unleash your inner stripper. It is so much fun to just dance in the privacy of your space and without judgment.

How about you try renting one of our Houston Party Buses for a couple of hours first? After all, it comes with a stripper pole.

With our party buses’ high ceilings, you have the liberty to dance around to party music from the staggering surround sound system while showing off your stripper dance moves to your friends, and they can do the same— or you could also hire actual strippers to do the pole dancing for some additional entertainment. Either way, having a dance floor and a pole is much more fun than a regular party.

When you are reserving a party bus in Houston, do not forget to ask what amenities are included. Ask if there are particular features you can add or customize— such as a party bus stripper pole. The members might be embarrassed to dance around the pole at first but for sure, by the end of the night, and with the help of some alcohol, you will be pole dancing your hearts out.

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